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Solving Urban Problems in Urban Areas Characterized by Fragmentation and Divisiveness Vol: 7

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11 Sep 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
312 pages - 150 x 230 x 23mm
Research in Urban Policy
This work studies urban problems and policy. It addresses the socio-economic context of the Metropolitan region. It also discusses: fragmentation, divisiveness and governmental organization; divisiveness and law enforcement; divisiveness and the social services; and, divisiveness and regional development.
Solving problems in urban areas characterized by fragmentation and divisiveness: an overview (F.W. Becker, M.J. Dluhy). Socioeconomic Context of the Metropolitan Region. Diversity and division: ethnicity and the history of Miami (S.L. Bowie, A. Stepick III). The emergence of an adversarial relation: black-cuban relations in Miami, 1959-1998 (G.J. Grenier, M.J. Castro). Miami's historic search for an economic niche (H. Averch). The international business environment in greater Miami (M.B. Rosenberg). Fragmentation, Divisiveness, and Governmental Organization. Consolidation versus fragmentation of government services: evidence from metropolitan Miami (F.W. Becker, M.J. Dluhy). Overcoming diversity and fiscal disparity in metropolitan Miami: designing a program to share tax revenues and tax bases (M.J. Dluhy). Fragmentation and the erosion of municipal planning (F.W. Becker, M.J. Dluhy). Fragmentation, Divisiveness, and Law Enforcement. Partnerships and problem-solving: changing to community-oriented police in metropolitan Miami (W.C.T. Law). Enforcement consolidation issues: the case of metropolitan Miami (J.J. Vardalis). Fragmentation, the juvenile justice system and juvenile crime: the case of metropolitan Miami (S. Kakar). Fragmentation, Divisiveness, and Health and Social Services. Developing collective solutions to the homeless problems in metropolitan Miami (M.J. Dluhy). Social service delivery for immigrants in Southeast Florida (J-C. Garcia-Zamor). Fragmentation and long-term care of the elderly (G. Mills). Fragmentation, Divisiveness, Infrastructure and Regional Development. Fragmentation and suburbanization in metropolitan Miami (T.D. Wilson). Piecing together Miami's metropolitan sewage system (K.D. Revell). Fragmentation and mass transit: struggling to get connected (J. Strube). A changing view of water in South Florida: shifting from engineering for growth to planning for sustainability (N.J. Gassman).

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