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Sociology of Oliver C. Cox: New Perspectives Vol: 11

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10 May 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
324 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Research in Race and Ethnic Relations


This work presents original and critical papers on the life and sociological contributions of Oliver C. Cox. The unique features of this volume include an analysis of Cox's enigmatic career as a sociologist, his links with Marx, Weber and Mills, his contributions to world system theory, and his legacy with and exclusion from the Chicago School.
Preface (R. Dennis). Introduction. The legacy of Oliver Cromwell Cox (H.M. Hunter). The Teacher, Scholar, and Critic. The teaching mission of Dr. Oliver C. Cox (E.P. Martin). Cox's critique of the "Black Bourgeoisie School" (N. Hare). The West Indian Influence. Cox, the Carribean, and comparisons (C.A. Mcauley). The Influence of Marx and Weber. Oliver C. Cox and the historical method (R. Williams). Racial exploitation, capitalism, and backward nations (G. Chand). Are there Weberian answers to the puzzle of Oliver C. Cox's Marxism? A theoretical realignment and its analytical consequences (M.G. Wenger). Cox and cultural pluralism (R.M. Dennis). Global Issues. Black sociologists on inequality in the social world: revisiting a tradition and the pioneering contributions of Oliver C. Cox (G.K. Ward, D. Deskins). Oliver C. Cox as world system analyst (I. Wallerstein). The Liberal Reformer and the Critical Theorist. Oliver C. Cox's analysis of fascism (S.J. Rosenthal). Capitalism, racism, and the struggle for democracy (G. Snedeker). The liberation sociology of Oliver C. Cox (H. Verna). African American Leaders and Leadership. Oliver Cox and the social imperatives of Negro (African American) leaders (B. Williams). Neglect and Exclusion. Oliver C. Cox and the Chicago School of race relations (M.J. Deegan). Structures of orthodoxy and the sociological exclusion of Oliver C. Cox (S.P. Heir).

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