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Sociological Studies of Children and Youth Vol: 9

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31 Jul 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
236 pages - 156 x 234 x 14mm
Sociological Studies of Children and Youth


This volume contains a diverse set of chapters that offer a good balance of quantitative and qualitative methodologies; focus on children, youth, or both children and youth; and come from a variety of theoretical perspectives. Two prominent themes of the volume are adolescents' transition to adulthood and children's time-use issues. Several chapters address each of these issues, including one examining children's labor in Senegal. Two ethnographic studies are included: one analyzes student-teacher interaction in an urban high-school math class, while the other examines friendship development and maintenance of early elementary-aged African American girls. The volume also includes a policy analysis of medical insurance provision for low income children, and a response to an earlier chapter on children's rights that appeared in Volume 8.
Comment on fine, espeland, and rojiek's "young citizens: The position of children in communitarian theory".
Gender, race, class, and the transition to adulthood: A critical review of the literature. 
Neighborhoods and inequality: The possibilities for successful transition to adulthood. 
Race/ethnicity, gender, and adolescents' occupational aspirations: An examination of family context.
Child health, social policy and the new chip program. 
Children and housework: Some unanswered questions.
Child labor and household survival strategies in west africa.
Just play? A framework for analyzing children's time use. 
In girls, out girls, and always black: African-american girls' friendships.
Counterfeit classrooms: School life of inner-city children.

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