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Social Perspectives on Emotion Vol: 2

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01 Nov 1994
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
324 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Social Perspectives on Emotion


This series aims to illustrate how social organization and private, emotional experience are different phases of the social process. It shows the steps by which emotional experience is shaped by social structural process and how these processes are changed by individuals' emotional experience.
Part 1 Brain-body issues: deep sociality - a bioevolutionary perspective on the sociology of emotions, William M. Wentworth and Darrell Yardley; arousal - crossroads of social psychology and neuropsychology, Don Tucker and Joseph Dien; emotion as mediator of somatic and social processes - the example of respiration, Margot L. Lyon. Part 2 Interpersonal / microstructural issues: ritual emotion and body work - a note on the uses of Durkheim, J.M. Barbalet; conflicting reality readings and interactional dilemmas - the conceptual model, love relationships (his, hers and their), Candace Clark et al. Part 3 Macrostructural / historical issues - theoretical: emotions - a cross-cultural perspective on fabric of forms of life, Jaap van Brakel; historical issues in emotions research - causation and timing, Peter N. Stearns and Deborah C. Stearns; the social construction of emotions - new directions from culture theory, E. Doyle McCarthy; structural realities, persistent dilemmas, and the construction of emotional paradigms - love in three cultures, Steve Derne.

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