Social Factors in Mental Health and Illness Vol: 11

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31 Jan 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
212 pages - 156 x 234 x 12mm
Research in Community and Mental Health


Research in Community and Mental Health
List of contributors. Social Integration and Help Seeking. Binding and non-binding integration: the relational costs and rewards of social ties on mental health (M. Berbrier, A. Schulte). Understanding depression care in the HMO outpatient setting: what predicts key events on the pathway to care? (D. Shye et al.). Social relationships and psychiatric help-seeking (A.C. Kouzis et al.). Treatment and Recovery Processes. A review of empirical studies of interventions for families of persons with mental illness (D.E. Biegel et al.). The contingent rationality of housing preferences; homeless mentally ill persons' housing choices before and after housing experience (R.K. Schutt, S.M. Goldfinger). Race, role responsibility and relationship: understanding the experience of caring for the severely mentally ill (M.S. Thompson et al.). Methods. Strategies for evaluating public sector managed care using administrative data (N.M. Thakur et al.).

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