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Social Dimensions in the Economic Process Vol: 21

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16 Aug 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
376 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Research in Economic Anthropology


The general theme of "Social Dimensions in the Economic Process" is an old one in economic anthropology. On the abstract end it involves, first, the degree of social content of individual transactions and, second, how economic processes relate to social structure. More specifically, the theme relates to matters such as the need for trust resulting in personalized systems of economic transactions, and how institutions shape economic arrangements. In five parts, the first two parts deal with the social content and consequences of economic relations. Parts III and IV address particular institutions, the household and agrarian relations. The volume ends in Part V with chapters linked to globalization.
Introduction (N. Dannhaeuser, C. Werner). Part I. The Social in Economic Relations: theoretical Issues and Cases in Point. The curse of the modern: a post Keynesian critique of the gift/exchange dichotomy (C. Danby). Social relations in lieu of capital (M. Repetti). Selling strategies and social relations among Mobil Maya handicrafts vendors (W.E. Little). Part II. Social Consequences of the Rational in Hunting and Fishing. Carcass ownership and meat distribution by big-game cooperative hunters (M.S. Alvard). Rational choice, culture change, and fisheries management in the Gulf of Maine (J.M. Acheson). Part III. Households as Economic Units. Regulating women and managing men: regimes of control on Languedoc family enterprises (W. Lem). A socioeconomic profile of Yucatec Maya families in migrating and non-migrating households (S. Weinstein Bever). Part IV. Agrarian Relations in the Past and Present. Sharecroppers in Central Mexico (1930) (P.M. Correa). Conflicting resource values: Caboclos versus colonists, ranchers, and loggers in Itupiranga Para, Brazil (G.M. Biery-Hamilton). Part V. Global Processes and Local Transformations. Global economics in the creation and maintenance of the Spanish Colonial Empire (R.K. Skowronek). Globalization and retail development in the post-disaster context: a comparison of two Philippine communities (Ty S. Matejowsky). Will the real property please stand up? Skiing and "Touristic" real estate in Eagle Valley, Colardo (S. Hautzinger with K. Dixon, A. Faas).

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