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Social Costs of Economic Transformation in Central Europe Vol: 7

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25 Jun 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 150 x 230 x 23mm
International Review of Comparative Public Policy
This volume is devoted to post-communist Central Europe and is divided into three parts. The first part covers some general issues of social theory and politics, ranging from the chances for social-liberalism under post-communism, through a new dichotomy of the transforming societies, to the birth of neo-socialism in the region. The chapters in the second and third parts examine economic policies and regulation schemes from the perspective of social change. In the second part, four papers are devoted to new inequalities, a burning problem of social thought in East Central Europe. The third part includes four independent case studies of vocational training, long-term unemployment, local welfare policy and health insurance with a view to providing first-hand information on the daily workings of the new social systems.
Introduction: out of the incubator, Janos Matyas. Part 1 Theory and politics - state and market in post-communist welfare systems: social security through economic growth, Leszek Balcerowicz; freedom and security, Zsuzsa Ferge; in search of explanations for recent left-turns in post-communist countries, Petr Mateju; statism, egalitarianism and transition - the case of Slovakia, Iveta Radicova; two societies? Poland in and beyond transformation, Andrzej Rychard. Part 2 Economic policy, regulation and social change - social (in)equality: social differences in Poland, Michael Boni; the role of welfare programmes in alleviating poverty in Hungary, 1992-1993, Istvan Gyorgy Toth; old and new economic inequalities - the Czech case, Jiri Vecernik; divisions and conflicts in Poland, Lena Kolarska-Bobinska. Part 3 Unemployment, decentralization of social policy and health care reform - case studies of the transformation: vocational school graduates on the labour markets in Poland, Elzbieta Drogosz-Zablocka; employment and life chances of the long-term unemployed in Hungary, Agnes Simonyi; on the border of state and civil society in Hungary - some aspects of self-governance in the period of transition, Julia Szalai; dilemmas of the transformation for public health insurance in Hungary - malfunctions of the system of price subsidy for drugs, Peter Vince.

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