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Social Change for Women and Children Vol: 4

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27 Dec 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
360 pages - 150 x 230 x 25mm
Advances in Gender Research


The contributors to this volume consider policy implications of gender research with an emphasis on its relevance for children-particularly girls; and gender inequality within a range of contexts from that of Cameroon society where basic education is an issue, to that of feminist family settings in the United States.
List of contributors. Introduction: social change for women and children (V. Demos, M.T. Segal). For God and community: the Unitarian female ministers' tradition and Chicago sociology: 1892-1918 (M.J. Deegan, L.J. Rynbrandt). Gender inequality in employment and retirement income: effects of marriage, industrial sector, and self-employment (R. Hogan et al.). Regulating knowledge: a critical institutional ethnography of the Indiana manpower placement and comprehensive training program (Impact) (C.D. Coffield). Women and democratization: lessons from Latin America (E. Cagan). Gender and the demand for primary education in Cameroon (M. Amin, G.E. Fonkeng). Creating possibilities: how young immigrant Latinas envision their futures (J.D. Weiler). Gender and youth mentoring (K.L. Hughes). Gender differences in aggressive and violent behavior among African American pre-adolescents: a comparison of the effects of social and psychological factors (L. Pierce, N. Shields). Girls and women growing together: integrating resources to develop the girls' circle programs (N.L. Ostrowski et al.). Gender-related content of animated cartoons, 1930 to the present (H. Klein et al.). Children and gender: the case of feminist kids (J.H. Sherwood, B.J. Risman). Index.

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