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Seeding Success in Indigenous Australian Higher Education Vol: 14

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04 Nov 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
368 pages - 152 x 229 x 32mm
Diversity in Higher Education
The comprehensive, phased approach presents four sets of considerations in course redevelopment: design, interaction, media, and evaluation. Each consideration is presented in a separate chapter, which explores the extant literature and applies the latest research and understandings to design decisions. The power of this approach comes from a thorough examination of each consideration coupled with a method by which to apply it. Decisions are structured and layered, each phase informing the next. This volume will be of interest to educators, students, academics and anyone with an interest in diversity and Higher Education.
Seeding success in indigenous Australian higher education: Indigenous Australian students' participation in higher education and potential ways forward. Racism, aboriginal and torres strait islander identities, and higher education: reviewing the burden of epistemological and other racisms. The role of academic buoyancy in Aboriginal/Indigenous students’ educational intentions: Sowing the early seeds of success for post-school education and training. Harnessing the power of motivational factors for optimizing the educational success of remote indigenous students: a cross-cultural study. AIM(E) for completing school and university: analysing the strength of the australian indigenous mentoring experience. Stop, collaborate and listen: A guide to seeding success for indigenous Higher Degree Research students. Negotiating racism: The voices of Aboriginal Australian post-graduate students. Peer support: mentoring responsive and trusting relationships. Aboriginal women and higher education: a pilot study of what drives and sustains mature-age Aboriginal women to study at university. Indigenous standpoint and university corporate identity: transforming an organizational culture. Embedding aboriginal cultural knowledge in curriculum at university level through aboriginal community engagement. Indigenous students in medical education: Seeding success in motivating doctors to serve underserved indigenous communities. Shifting the emphasis: embedding and reflecting on introducing aboriginal studies and perspectives. A critical analysis of core aboriginal studies subjects. Seeding success in indigenous australian higher education. Diversity in higher education. Seeding success in indigenous australian higher education. Copyright page. List of Contributors. Editors” introduction. About the Authors.

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