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Sea Change in Liner Shipping: Regulation and Managerial Decision-making in a Global Industry

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10 Mar 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
308 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm


Transport policy is undergoing major changes which transcend national boundaries. Meanwhile, strategic alliances and mergers are changing the face of the liner shipping business. A re-examination of competition policy as it relates to liner shipping is underway. This book not only examines the changing regulatory climate for the liner shipping industry but also explores managerial thinking about co-operation and competition within the industry. Using comparisons from the rail and aviation industries, the book develops guiding principles for a common regulatory policy for liner shipping while proposing a framework for shipping managers to guide strategy formulation and implementation in this new business environment. This book explores the issues of national regulation of liner shipping in three legal jurisdictions: the US., Europe and Canada. It builds on the author's long history of research in liner shipping and its regulation, and her access to the regulators in these markets.
Chapter headings: Introduction to the Liner Shipping Industry and its Regulation. Literature and Theories on Firm Structure and Market Behaviour. The Strategies of Liner Companies. Keys to Successful Liner Strategy Implementation. Lessons from Other Industries: Railroads. Lessons from Other Industries: Airlines. Case Studies from the Liner Shipping Industry. Competition Issues in Liner Shipping. The Regulatory Dilemma: Seeking a Harmonized Regulatory Environment.

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