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Reviving Traditions in Research on International Market Entry Vol: 14

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03 Sep 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
176 pages - 156 x 234 x 11mm
Advances in International Marketing


In contrast to the vibrant development in global market entry activities, extant research on the subject is running out of steam. For example, countertrade, a major form of entry mode, has grown to 15 percent of the world trade but studies on the topic have dwindled to naught. The practice of gray market has expanded to include everything from batteries and cars to computers and mobile phones. However, research on gray market has become scarce. Research stagnancy does not limit to micro-marketing issues. The role of government in market entry has received little attention in spite of the active roles many governments, such as the Chinese and Indian governments, have played in creating a favorable environment to attract foreign direct investment and promote export. Written by a group of internationally renowned scholars, this volume of the "Advances in International Marketing" is devoted to bridge a knowledge gap between the practice of international market entry and the availability of research-based insights and principles for guiding that practice. Among the articles, Samiee discusses countertrade from a marketing viewpoint and introduces a unique marketing process perspective. Zou, Taylor, and Fang examine government influences on MNC's control over its foreign market venture. Li and Li investigate channel control in new product export. Mullen, Sashi, and Doney's case study highlights the complex issues in gray market from the perspective of both manufacturers and parallel marketers. Kopp and Zeng review the changes in Chinese patent laws and discuss market entry issues related to intellectual property rights.
International countertrade - a reverse marketing perspective, S. Samiee; MNC control over foreign market ventures - do host governments still play a major role?, S. Zou et al; channel integration decisions in new product global competition - a conceptual framework and empirical examination, T. Li, Z.G. Li; gray markets - threat or opportunity? the case of Herman Miller vs. ASAL GmbH, M.R. Mullen et al; patent issues in China - entry decisions in a dynamic legal and competitive environment, S.W. Kopp, K. Zeng; building strategic partnering between multinational corporations and their Chinese counterparts, C-N. Chao et al; enablers of long-term marketing relationships in cross-cultural business, A.C. Cortes, A.Z. Vasquez-Parraga.

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