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Rethinking Obama Vol: 22

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16 Nov 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
280 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
Political Power and Social Theory


This volume of "Political Power and Social Theory" includes a selection of papers exploring Obama and the Politics of Race & Religion. Chapters examine the complex dynamics of race relations and racial meaning in America under the Obama administration. The "Scholarly Controversies" section features a debate on Obama and religion in the United States. This volume will be among the first to critically assess the meanings of race and religion in America under the Obama administration, featuring controversial chapters by Phil Gorksi of Yale University and Eduardo Bonilla-Silva of Duke University, among others.
List of Contributors. Senior Editorial Board. Student Editorial Board. Editorial Statement. EDITORS’ INTRODUCTION. Introduction: Examining, Debating, and Ranting about the Obama Phenomenon. The Black Presidential Non-Slave: Genocide and the Present Tense of Racial Slavery. Barack Obama's Community Organizing as New Black Politics. The More Things Change: A Gramscian Genealogy of Barack Obama's “Post-Racial” Politics, 1932–2008. The Tea Party in the Age of Obama: Mainstream Conservatism or Out-Group Anxiety?. The Sweet Enchantment of Color Blindness in Black Face: Explaining the “Miracle,” Debating the Politics, and Suggesting a Way for Hope to be “For Real” in America. Barack Obama and Civil Religion. Civil Religion and the Politics of Belonging. Civil Religion for a Diverse Polity. The Unfinished Covenant. Rejoinder: Why Civil Religion?. Rethinking Obama. Political power and social theory. Political power and social theory. Copyright page.

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