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Rethinking Misbehavior and Resistance in Organizations Vol: 19

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05 Dec 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
297 pages - 156 x 234 x 27mm
Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations


This volume challenges understandings of organizational misbehavior by looking beyond traditional conceptions of the nexus between misbehavior and resistance in the workplace. Reconsidering misbehavior from a range of different perspectives and disciplinary traditions, including history, employment relations, sociology, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, legal studies and film studies, chapters examine behaviors not only of workers but also of managers, entrepreneurs and consumers. The book begins with an overview by one of the leading scholars of misbehavior, Stephen Ackroyd, who reviews the study of the phenomenon, followed by conceptual reconsideration of the relationship between misbehavior and resistance in a changing industrial landscape. The remainder of the book traverses dimensions of misbehavior and resistance across time and geographical space through a number of case studies that examine behaviors in a range of different places, industries and sectors. In this way it extends analysis to actors outside of the workers who have largely been the focus of existing studies. The volume will add to the emerging body of evidence that disturbs assumptions of consensus and conformity in organizations.
Introduction Professor Lucy Taksa and Dr Alison Barnes Chapter 1: Even More Misbehaviour: What Has Happened in the Last Twenty Years ? Emeritus Professor Steve Ackroyd (Lancaster University) Chapter 2: Still 'Staying Loose in a Tightening World'? Revisiting Gerald Mars' Cheats at Work Dr Louise Thornthwaite (Macquarie University) and A/Prof Peter McGraw (Macquarie University) Chapter 3: Naming, condoning and shaming: Interpreting employee assessments of behaviour and misbehaviour in the workplace Professor Lucy Taksa (Macquarie University) Chapter 4: Mr Taylor Goes to Hollywood: Managerialism and Misbehaviour in Film and TV Professor George Lafferty (University of Western Sydney) Chapter 5: On the Cold War Front: Dissent, Misbehaviour, and Discursive Relations at Pan American Airways' Guided Missiles Division Chris Hartt, Albert Mills, Jean Helms Mills (Department of Management, St. Mary's University, Canada) Chapter 6: Incorporating Institutionalism: Reconceptualising the Resistance and Misbehaviour Binaries Dr Diane van denBroek (Sydney University) and Dr Tony Dundon (National University of Ireland) Chapter 7: Customer Service Work and the Aesthetics of Resistance Dr Alison Barnes (Macquarie University) Chapter 8: Customers Behaving Badly! A/Prof Lawrence Ang and Professor Scott Koslow (Macquarie University) Chapter 9: Exploring Entrepreneurship as Misbehaviour Dr Erik Lundmark (Macquarie University) and Professor Alf Westelius (Linkoping University, Sweden) Chapter 10: Misbehaviour and Commitment Dr Gordon Brooks (Macquarie University)

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