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Resource Theory: Explorations and Applications

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28 Dec 1992
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
291 pages - 152 x 229 x 22mm


This volume serves as an update on current developments in resource theory and presents a representative sample of contemporary research conducted within this theoretical perspective. "Resource Theory" presents empirical evidence supporting the cross-cultural validity of this framework. Attention is focused on a broad range of social-psychological phenomena that have been fruitfully explored using this theoretical approach. Key features include social exchange theory, cross-cultural theory and social relationships.
U.G. Foa, K.T. Tornbolm, E.B. Foa, and J. Converse, Jr. , Introduction: Resource Theory in Social Psychology. Probing the Basic Notions: U.G. Foa, Interpersonal and Economic Resources. J. Converse, Jr., and U.G. Foa, Some Principles of Equity in Interpersonal Exchanges. D. Brinberg and P. Castell, A Resource Exchange Theory Approach to Interpersonal Interactions: A Test of Foa's Theory. U.G. Foa, L.N. Salcedo, K.Y. Tornblom, M. Garner, H. Glaubman, and M. Teichman, Interrelation of Social Resources: Evidence of Pancultural Invariance. Resource Needs and Life Satisfaction: R. Blieszner, Resource Exchange in the Social Networks of Elderly Women. K.Y. Tornblom and B.O. Nilsson, The Effect of Matching Resources to Source on Their Perceived Importance and Sufficiency. J.H. Berg and F.A. Wiebe, Resource Exchange in the Workplace: Exchange of Economic and Interpersonal Resources. K.D. Rettig, S.M. Danes, and J.W. Bauer, Gender Differences in Perceived Family Life Quality among Economically Stressed Farm Families. M. Teichman, H. Glaubman, and M. Garner, From Early Adolescence to Middly-Age Adulthood: The Perceived Need for Interpersonal Resources in Four Developmental Stages. Applications and Integrations: J.H. Berg, K.E. Piner, and S.M. Frank, Resource Theory and Close Relationships. K. Tornblom, P. Sten, K. Pirak, A. Pudas and E. Tornlund, Type of Resource and Choice of Comparison Target. D. Brinberg and S. Ganesan, An Application of Foa's Resource Theory to Product Positioning. L.L'Abate and T. Harel, Deriving, Developing, and Expanding a Theory of Developmental Competence from Resource Exchange Theory. R.A. Hinde, Epilogue. Appendix: A Bibliography of Uriel G. Foa's Publications.

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