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Resource Redeployment and Corporate Strategy Vol: 35

Brian S. Silverman
University of Toronto, Canada

Timothy Folta
University of Connecticut, USA

Constance Helfat
Dartmouth College, USA

Samina Karim
Northeastern University, USA

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06 Sep 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
416 pages - 152 x 229 x 28mm
Advances in Strategic Management
It has been long understood that value creation by corporate strategists is determined by their ability to effectively deploy resources across multiple business units. Recently, scholarly attention has been dominated by studies of "synergy", or sharing resources across businesses. However, a second type of resource deployment, "resource redeployability" or "resource configuration", where resources are withdrawn from one business unit and reallocated to another may not only effect firm value creation, but also firm and industry evolution. This volume advances the resource deployment and synergy debate, and how they differentially affect value and firm decision-making. It clarifies the theoretical determinants and effects of each, revisiting prior work that investigates the benefits of synergy-based strategy, and assessing the benefits of an increased focus on redeployability.
Examining Resource Redeployment in Multi-Business Firms - Timothy B. Folta, Constance E. Helfat and Samina Karim Resource Redeployment in Business Ecosystems - Douglas P. Hannah, Robert P. Bremner and Kathleen M. Eisenhardt Product Turnover: Simultaneous Product Market Entry and Exit - Douglas J. Miller and Hsiao-Shan Yang Resource Redeployment Through Exit and Entry: Threats of Substitution as Inducements - Gwendolyn K. Lee and Srikanth Parachuri Incumbent Responses to an Entrant with a New Business Model: Resource Co-Deployment and Resource Re-Deployment Strategies - Gautam Ahuja and Elena Novelli Resource Characteristics and Redeployment Strategies: Toward a Theoretical Synthesis - Jaideep Anand, Hyunseob Kim and Shaohua Lu What Goes on Beneath the Surface of Reconfiguration? The Impact of Redeployment Via Activity Addition and Subtraction on Firm Scope and Turnover - Joel Blit, Christopher C. Liu and Will Mitchell Resource Reconfiguration and Transactions Across Firm Boundaries: The Roles of Firm Capabilities and Market Factors - Patia J. Mcgrath and Harbir Singh The Hare and the Fast Tortoise: Dynamic Resource Reconfiguration and the Pursuit of New Growth Opportunities by Yahoo and Google (1995-2007) - Violina P. Rindova, Luis L. Martins and Adrian Yeow Linking Technologies to Applications - Insights from Online Markets for Technology - Gary Dushnitsky and Thomas Klueter Resource Reconfiguration: Learning from Performance Feedback - Ari Dothan and Dovev Lavie The Impact of Absorbed and Unabsorbed Slack on Firm Profitability: Implications for Resource Redeployment - Josep M. Argiles-Bosch, Josep Garcia-Blandon and Monica Martinez-Blasco
Edited by Timothy B. Folta, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA; University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study, Strasbourg, France Constance E. Helfat, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, USA Samina Karim, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA

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