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Research on Negotiation in Organizations Vol: 7

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31 Aug 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
328 pages - 150 x 230 x 23mm
Research on Negotiation in Organizations
As we head into the new millennium, we are witnessing a growing and heightened interest among organizational scholars on the topics of conflict and negotiation. New research questions are being identified, while new theory is being applied to "old" questions. The result is exciting research that has organizational and social relevance. The papers in this volume, which grew out of the eighth biannual Conference on Negotiation in Organizations, are representative of the provocative and "cutting edge" theory and research emerging in the area of conflict and negotiation.
List of contributors. Preface (R.J. Bies et al.). Emotions, Distrust, and Conflict. The role of emotion in negotiation: the impact of anger and race (M.N. Davidson, L. Greenhalgh). Anger and retaliation: toward an understanding of impassioned conflict in organizations (K.G. Allred). Stalking the sinister attribution error: paranoia inside the lab and out (R.M. Kramer). The tactical use of emotion in negotiation (B. Barry). Justice and Conflict. Social involvement, justice judgments, and the psychology of negotiation (E.A. Lind). Intractable disputes involving organizations: some insights from the Delaware Court of Chancery (D.E. Conlon, D.P. Sullivan). Conflict Along Social "Fault Lines". Personal revelation and conflict in organizational settings: the gay individual as social perceiver of power and safety (M.L. Ostfield, K.E. Jehn). The black-white gap in perceptions of discrimination: its causes and consequences (R. Friedman, M.N. Davidson). Multi-Cultural and Team Conflict. Negotiation in multi-cultural teams: new world, old theories? (D.L. Shapiro, M.A. Von Glinow). Shared information and information sharing: understanding negotiation as collective construal (S.E. Brodt, L.E. Dietz). A script theoretical analysis of international negotiating behavior (R. Kumar).

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