Research on Economic Inequality: Poverty, Inequality and Welfare Vol: 25

Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay
Queen Mary University London, UK

John A. Bishop
East Carolina University, USA

Juan Gabriel Rodriguez
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

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30 Nov 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
368 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research on Economic Inequality
This volume contains research on how we measure poverty, inequality and welfare and how we use such measurements to devise policies to deliver social mobility. It contains ten papers, some of which were presented at the third meeting of The Theory and Empirics of Poverty, Inequality and Mobility at Queen Mary University of London, London, October 2016.
The volume begins with theoretical issues at the frontier of the literature. Three papers discuss the impact of social welfare policies on poverty measurement, and with innovations on the measurement of relative bipolarisation. Two papers address the conceptualisation of multidimensional poverty by incorporating inequality within the poor, and that of chronic poverty for time dependent analyses, with applications to India and Haiti, and Ethiopia respectively.
The second half of the volume consists of empirical contributions, using novel techniques and datasets to investigate the dynamics of poverty and welfare. These studies track the dynamics of poverty using unique datasets for China, the Caucasus and Italy.
The volume concludes with investigations about within-household inequalities between siblings due to the unequal effects of conditional cash transfers in Cambodia and a cross-country study on the effect of historical income inequality on entrepreneurship in developing countries.
An Adverse Social Welfare Consequence of a Rich-to-Poor Income Transfer: A Relative Deprivation Approach
The Benchmark of Maximum Relative Bipolarisation
The Necessary Requirement of Median Independence for Relative Bipolarisation Measurement
Did Poverty Reduction Reach the Poorest of the Poor? Complementary Measures of Poverty and Inequality in the Counting Approach
Chronic Poverty and Poverty Dynamics: Resolving a Paradox in the Normative Basis for Intertemporal Poverty Measures
Curbing One's Consumption and the Impoverishment Process: The Case of Western Asia
Exploring Multidimensional Poverty in China: 2010 to 2014
Immigration and Poverty: The Case of Italy
Own and Sibling Effects of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: Theory and Evidence from Cambodia
Does inequality foster or hinder the growth of entrepreneurship in the long-run?

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