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Research Methodology in Strategy and Management Vol: 5

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26 May 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
352 pages - 152 x 229 x 30mm
Research Methodology in Strategy and Management


This book series' mission is to provide a forum for critique, commentary, and discussion about key methodology issues in the strategic management field. Strategic management relies on an array of complex methods drawn from various allied disciplines to examine how managers attempt to lead their firms toward success. The field is undergoing a rapid transformation in methodological rigor, and researchers face many new challenges about how to conduct their research and in understanding the implications that are associated with their research choices. This book series seeks to bridge the gap between what researchers know and what they need to know about methodology. In each volume, renowned scholars contribute chapters in their areas of methodological expertise.
So what? Beyond statistical significance to substantive significance in strategy research. Null-hypothesis significance tests in behavioral and management research: We can do better. Establishing the usefulness of strategic management research: On inverted Lewinians and naked strategy scholars. On the use and misuse of ratios in strategic management research. Cautionary note on conveniently dismissing ?. Using hybrid research methodologies for testing contingency theories of strategy. The theoretical contribution of case study research to the field of strategy and management. Framing research on service. Construct validity and other empirical issues in transaction cost economics research. NK modeling methodology in the strategy literature: Bounded search on a rugged landscape. Strategic investment models: New research opportunities. Embracing debates to advance global strategy research. Introduction. List of Contributors. Research Methodology in Strategy and Management. Research methodology in strategy and management volume 5. Copyright page.

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