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Research Methodology in Strategy and Management Vol: 4

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27 Jul 2007
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
412 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Research Methodology in Strategy and Management


This book series' mission is to provide a forum for critique, commentary, and discussion about key research methodology issues in the strategic management field. Strategic management relies on an array of complex methods drawn from various allied disciplines to examine how managers attempt to lead their firms toward success. The field is undergoing a rapid transformation in methodological rigor, and researchers face many new challenges about how to conduct their research and in understanding the implications that are associated with their research choices. This book series seeks to bridge the gap between what researchers know and what they need to know about methodology. In each volume, renowned scholars contribute chapters in their areas of methodological expertise. This book series is available electronically at website.
Ten Years After: Some Suggestions for Future Resource-Based View Research. Resource Complementarity, Institutional Compatibility, and Some Ensuing Methodological Issues in Testing the Resource-Based View. Mixed Methods in Strategy Research: Applications and Implications in the Resource-Based View. Toward Greater Integration of the Resource-Based View and Strategic Groups Research: An Illustration Using Random Coefficients Modeling. Modeling International Expansion. Static Triangular Simulation as a Methodology for International Strategic Management Research. New Methods for Ex Post. Applying Advanced Panel Methods to Strategic Management Research: A Tutorial. Interpreting Empirical Results in Strategy and Management Research. Mediation in Strategic Management Research: Conceptual Beginnings, Current Application, and Future Recommendations. Using Policy Capturing to Understand Strategic Decisions – Concepts and a Mergers and Acquisitions Application. Testing Organizational Economics Theories of Vertical Integration. An Ontological Foundation for Strategic Management Research: The Role of Narrative. List of Contributors. Introduction.

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