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Research Methodology in Strategy and Management Vol: 1

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01 Aug 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
376 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Research Methodology in Strategy and Management


Research methods present the strategic management field with great opportunities and challenges. This first volume includes three types of chapters aimed at exploiting the opportunities and meeting the challenges. One group of chapters addresses broad issues of science, including the state of strategy research, issues surrounding the age of data, and how to build cumulative knowledge within the strategic management field. A second group of chapters highlight ways to improve specific practices, including the measurement of knowledge, the assessment of limited dependent variables, and designing studies. A final group of chapters describe how strategy researchers can better use particular methods. These methods include social network analysis, longitudinal analysis, qualitative methods, survey research, and structural equation modeling. Collectively, the chapters offer state of the art thinking about research methodology provided by intellectual leaders within the strategic management field.
The State of Strategic Management Research and a Vision of the Future. Reflecting Knowledge in Strategy Research: Conceptual Issues and Methodological Challenges. The Social Network Approach in Strategy Research: Theoretical Challenges and Methodological Issues. Modeling Limited Dependent Variables: Methods and Guidelines for Researchers in Strategic Management. Longitudinal Analysis in Strategic Management. Current and Potential Importance of Qualitative Methods in Strategy Research. Mapping Strategic Thinking with Metric Conjoint Analysis. Conducting Survey Research in Strategic Management. When Does the Age of Data Matter?: Notes on the Selection of Data for Strategy Research. Strategic Management Research and the Cumulative Knowledge Perspective. Structural Equation Modeling Methods in Strategy research: Applications and Issues. An Assessment of Research Designs in Strategic Management Research: The Frequency of Threats to Internal Validity.

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