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Research in Urban Sociology Vol: 10

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14 Dec 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
394 pages - 156 x 234 x 30mm
Research in Urban Sociology


Most urban growth over the last several decades has been in suburban areas, but research in urban sociology and other urban disciplines has been focused on the city (the global city, the networked city, the post-industrial city). A majority of the world population lives in urban areas, most in suburban regions, including the shanty towns of Asia, favelas of South America, slums of Africa and banileue and inner-city suburbs of the developed nations. "Suburbanization in Global Society" presents new and innovative contributions in comparative suburban studies for urban regions, not just in Europe and the United States but also including emerging metropolitan regions in China, India and other areas of the world. This volume examines the emerging patterns of suburban development in metropolitan regions around the globe. Research is post-1945 with a particular focus upon social and cultural change in suburbanisation processes in developed as well as emerging urban countries.
List of Contributors. Introduction: suburbanization in global society. Meaningful types in a world of suburbs. Gwinnett goes global: the changing image of American suburbia. From mill towns to “burbs of the burgh”: Suburban strategies in the postindustrial metropolis. Cities, suburbs and metropolitan areas – governing the regionalised city. Urbanity beyond nostalgia: Discovering public life at the edge of the city of Rome. Identity, marginalization, and Parisian banlieues. The life cycle of Johannesburg suburbs. Suburban reinvestment through ‘knockdown rebuild’ in Sydney. Changing urbanization patterns in the Brazilian metropolis. Governing heterogeneity in the context of ‘compulsory closeness’: the ‘pacification’ of favelas. The changing image of suburban areas in Latin America and the role of local government. The planned suburbanization of a city-state: Singapore's new towns. Building for what and whom? New town development as planned suburbanization in China and India. Territorial expansion and state rescaling: A critique of suburbanization studies in China. Research in Urban Sociology. Research in Urban Sociology. Copyright page.

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