Research in the Sociology of Education Vol: 20

Hyunjoon Park
University of Pennsylvania, USA

Grace Kao
Yale University, USA

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30 Oct 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
240 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in the Sociology of Education


Research in the Sociology of Education is an important and established series, highlighting how societal contexts shape the educational experiences and outcomes of individual children and youth. 

Including five single-country studies from settings as diverse as rural China, Germany and the United States, as well as two cross-national comparative studies, this insightful new volume continues the series tradition for publishing research from across a broad range of settings. It demonstrates that various educational issues (including student victimization at school, immigrant-native gaps in educational aspiration, and STEM outcomes) are not limited to specific societies but are relevant worldwide. By exploring national and regional situations and then placing them within this broader context, readers are able to see both the commonality and uniqueness of educational issues around the globe.
Introduction. Educational Outcomes of Heterogeneous Groups of Students in Diverse Contexts; Hyunjoon Park & Grace Kao 
Chapter 1. The Variation in Educational Aspirations among Immigrant Students in Germany; Taylan Acar 
Chapter 2. School Violence in China: A Multi-level Analysis of Student Victimization in Rural Middle Schools; Jennifer Adams & Emily Hannum 
Chapter 3. Global Patterns of the Use of Shadow Education: Student, Family, and National Influences; Soo-yong Byun, Hee Jin Chung, & David Baker 
Chapter 4. Narratives of Interdependence and Independence: The Role of Social Class and Family Relationships in Where High-Achieving Students Apply to College; Yang Lor 
Chapter 5. Jumping on the STEM Train: Differences in High School Math and STEM College Degree Attainment between Children of Immigrants and Natives in the United States; Yingyi Ma & Amy Lutz 
Chapter 6. Socialization Experiences and Research Productivity of Asians and Pacific Islanders: “Model Minority” Stereotype and Domestic vs. International Comparison; Josipa Roksa, Soojeong Jeong, David Feldon, & Michelle Maher 
Chapter 7. Gender Gaps in Student Academic Achievement and Inequality; Shu-Ling Tsai, Michael L. Smith, & Robert M. Hauser
Hyunjoon Park is Korea Foundation Professor of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, US. Park is interested in educational stratification and family in cross-national comparative perspective, focusing on South Korea and other East Asian societies. He is the author of Re-Evaluating Education in Japan and Korea: De-mystifying Stereotypes (Routledge, 2013) and co-editor of Korean Education in Changing Economic and Demographic Contexts (Springer, 2013). He has also co-edited two previous volumes of Research in the Sociology of Education
Grace Kao is Professor of Sociology, Faculty Director of Education Studies and Director of the Center for Empirical Research on Stratification and Inequality at Yale University, US. She received her PhD from The University of Chicago. She works in the areas of race, ethnicity, immigrant adaptation, sociology of education, and children and youth. She currently serves as Vice President-Elect of the American Sociological Association and has served on the editorial boards of American Sociological Review, Social Science Quarterly, Social Science Research, Sociological Forum, Sociological Perspectives, Social Problems, and Social Psychology Quarterly. According to Google Scholar, her work has been cited over 8,500 times.

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