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Research in Sociology of Education and Socialization Vol: 12

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21 Mar 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
284 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Research in Sociology of Education and Socialization


The chapters in this volume illustrate the ways in which U.S. sociologists of education continue to plumb the depths of fundamental questions about how schools are organized and consequences of school organization for students and teachers. These studies present new ideas and/or findings in an engaging way, and they attempt to enlarge the audience for sociological research on education. Perhaps even more importantly, however, they generate a host of questions that warrant sustained inquiry by our community. If these authors lead us to think in new ways or to ask new questions, their efforts will have been well-rewarded.
List of contributors. Introduction (A.M. Pallas). Reflections on the contributions of James S. Coleman (M.T. Hallinan). James S. Coleman and the purposes of schooling (A.M. Pallas). The Matthew Effect in American education (A.C. Kerckhoff). The changing American family and student achievement trends (M. Berends et al.). Engagement and achievement: differences between African-American and white high school students (B.A. Smerdon). To track or not to track? The social effects of gender and middle-school tracking (S. Catsambis et al.). Beyond the battle of the requirements: accommodation and motivation in adjustments in high school teachers' grading criteria (G. Natriello, J.M. McPartland). The effects of service participation on high school students' social responsibility (A.M.R. Power, V.T. Khmelkov). Teachers' affective goals and student outcomes (E.M. Allensworth, S.A. Kaplowitz). Labeling and letting go: a statistical analysis of how school students are discharged as dropouts (C. Riehl).

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