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Research in Political Sociology Vol: 8

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01 Apr 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
438 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Research in Political Sociology


This annual is designed to publish research that increases understanding and knowledge of political sociology. The articles are directed towards explaining the numerous interrelations that exist within and between social and political phenomena.
The meaning of Mexican democratization, Susan Eckstein; the costs and benefits of joining an extremist party membership in pre-1933 Nazi Party, William Brustein; political participation of men and women in postwar Kuwait, Katherine Meyer, Yousef Aliand Sheri Locklear; citizenship, state membership, and nationhood - association or disassociation? Chikako Kashiwazaki; speaking loudly and carrying a big stick - the effects of power tactics and structural power on the perceptions of the power use, Stan A. Kaplowitz et al; culture-evolutionary approach to state growth, sean D. stryker; the organizational state - origins and prospects, David Knoke; the local state, capital and opportunities for local autonomy - a reassessment of the Greater London Council's local economic strategy, Daniel Egan; the gender gap in voting behaviour evidence from a referendum on woman suffrage, Susan E. Marshall; countermovement dynamics in federal systems - a comparison of abortion politics in Canada and the United States, David S. Meyer, Suzanne Staggenborg; expanding the class politics debate - the social origins of urban political cleavages in the United States, Michael Rempel; state capacity, policy feedback and affirmative action for black women and Latinos, John David Skrentny.

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