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Research in Organizational Change and Development Vol: 14

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11 Feb 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
332 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Research in Organizational Change and Development
Part of a series presenting scholarly thinking about research and concepts related to the transformation of organizations. As in previous volumes in the series, contributors provide comprehensive literature reviews, methodological breakthroughs, and cutting edge theories. The papers presented in Volume 14 address practical, conceptual and methodological issues in the field of organizational change. They offer a categorization scheme for interventions; an analysis of the importance of different change drivers in complex interventions; a call for greater attention to structure-process dualities; suggestions for making change more lasting; a new approach to measuring organizational culture based on shared schema; a field study of organizational learning; and an alternative approach to measuring experienced change.
Organizational change - a categorization scheme and response model with readiness factors, C.J. Struckman, F.J. Yammarino; Building organizational change in an emerging economy - whole systems change using large group interventions in Mexico, M.R. Manning, J. DelaCerda Gastelum; The relative effect of change drivers in large-scale organizational change - an empirical study, K.S. Whelan-Berry et al; Implications for organizational change in the structure process duality, P.C. Nutt; How do you create lasting organizational change? You must first slay Grendel's mother, S.L. Manring; A shared schema approach to understanding organizational culture change, Chung-Ming Lau et al; Critical revision of some core ideas within the discourse about the learning organization - experiences from field research in East German companies, M. Geppert; Is remembered change useful?, J.P. Wanous, A.E. Reichers.

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