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Research in Law and Economics: A Journal of Policy Vol: 23

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11 Sep 2007
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
378 pages - 152 x 229 x 30mm
Research in Law and Economics


Since 1979 "Research in Law and Economics" has been presenting original research that explores the extent to which the constraints of law explain economic behavior and the role of economics in forming the law. Leading scholars, including Kenneth Arrow, Kenneth Elzinga, Victor Goldberg, Jack Hirschliefer, Paul Joskow, and Vernon Smith, have chosen "Research in Law and Economics" as the right forum for presenting their research. Now published bi-annually, each issue of "Research in Law and Economics" focuses on a timely and relevant topic. Such topics have included economics of environmental policy, urban property rights, antitrust and evolutionary models in economics and law. This volume focuses on cost-benefit analysis and the law, whereas the next special issue will concentrate on corporate finance
‘Best Practice’ Standards for Regulatory Benefit–Cost Analysis. The “Benefits” of Non-Delegation: Using the Non-Delegation Doctrine to Bring More Rigor to Benefit–Cost Analysis. Benefit–Cost Analysis, Individual Differences, and Third Parties. Microeconomic Performance: Uses, Gaps, and Opportunities to Apply Benefit–Cost Analysis. Welcome to the Data-Poor Real World: Incorporating Benefit–Cost Principles into Environmental Policymaking. Agricultural Subsidies Under Decoupling. General Equilibrium in Vertical Market Structures: Overselling Versus Overbuying. The Chicago O’Hare Expansion: A Case Study of Administrative Manipulation of Benefit–Cost Principles. Notes on the Premia for Foreign Exchange and Nontradables Outlays. An Aggregate Measure for Benefit–Cost Analysis. Should Benefit–Cost Analyses Take Account of General Equilibrium Effects?. The Marginal Willingness to Pay for Longevity: A Better Way to Value Changes in Mortality Hazard. Valuing Complex Goods: or, Can You Get Anything Out of Experts Other Than a Decision?. The Rise of Cost–Benefit Rationality as Solution to a Political Problem of Distrust. Acknowledgments. List of Contributors. Introduction to Benefit–Cost Volume. Biased Valuations, Damage Assessments, and Policy Choices: The Choice of Measure Matters.

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