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Research in Law and Economics Vol: 19

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08 Aug 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
304 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Research in Law and Economics


"Research in Law and Economics" is a highly respected source of proactive, original perspectives on law and economics. For the researcher, this latest volume offers a diverse set of papers, each one a constructive contribution. The papers address: how the Supreme Court can clarify and rationalize the payment of pre-judgement interest; what is meant or should be meant by economic efficiency; the length of various statutes of limitations for accident cases; implications of the court congestion hypothesis of Posner and Priest; the efficiency of medical malpractice insurance; and the effects of hospital competition on Medicaid share.
List of contributors. Statistical approaches to assessing charges of environmental racism and classism against the US environmental agency (A. Karp). Statutes of limitations for accident cases: theory and evidence (M. Baker, T.J. Miceli). Educating Alice: lessons from the coase theorem (S.G. Medema, R.O. Zerbe, Jnr.). Bars to the payment of pre-judgement interest: the supreme court and the federal employers' liability act (D.E. Ault, G.L. Rutman). An integrated theory of the common law (B. Wasankari, R.O. Zerbe, Jnr. and S. Vinyard). The duration of personal injury litigation (S.J. Spurr). The efficiency of medical malpractice law: a new appraisal (R.N. Olsen). The effects of hospital competition on nonprofit and for-profit hospital medicaid share (S. Eisert).

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