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Research in International Business and Finance Vol: 12

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08 Jan 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
364 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Research in International Business and Finance


This 12th volume in the series discusses a variety of topics in the field of research in international business and finance.
Part I: International Banking, Deregulation and Performance. Cooperation and rivalry in European banking (P. Molyneux). Bank deregulation, total factor productivity, and cost efficiency of Australian permanent building societies (N. Esho, I.G. Sharpe). Bank window dressing when the government is a shareholder (N.E. Al-Loughani, I.A. Moosa). The determinants of foreign banking activity in Greece (K. Galiatsos, E. Papapetrou). Profitability and risk in Asian and European multinational banks (A. Wright, P. Liesch). Part II: Exchange Rate Dynamics & Foreign Exchange Risk Management. Pricing by arbitrage in an international economy (J.F. Andreasen). Overshooting behavior in foreign exchange markets: evidence from cointegration tests (A.C. Szakmary, I. Mathur and Seong Hoon Yu). Australian firms' foreign exchange risk management practices: a case study approach (J. Batten, A. Livermore). Part III: The Effects of Venture Capital & Price Support Regulations on European IPOS. The role of venture capital in initial public offerings: an explorative comparison of U.S. & Swedish evidence (C. Bergstrom, P. Hogfeldt and A. Westin). Price support and initial public offerings: evidence from the Athens Stock Exchange (C. Kazantis, M. Levis). Part IV: International Stock Market Volatility & Introduction of Futures Trading in Japan. The impact of trading mechanisms on the transmission of information across international stock markets during the market crash (Yu-Jane Liu). Day of the week effects in Pacific Rim emerging stock markets (Seung Chan Ahn, M. Melvin and G. Merica). Impact of futures trading on cash market volatility: evidence from the Tokyo Stock Exchange (S.K. Chen, J.E. Jarrett and S. Ghon Rhee). Part V: Foreign Corporate Governance, The Market for Corporate Control & Investment Strategies. Corporate governance in Germany, Japan and the U.S.: a Comparison (S.N. Kaplan). Understanding the strategic intent of Korean executives: a competitor analysis (Daewoo Park and M.A. Hitt). The source of gains in New Zealand takeover offers: wealth creation of merely undervaluation? (A. Mandelbaum). Foreign investment strategies: a comparative study of the use of new forms of investment by U.K. and non-U.K. Multinationals (W.E. Herbert). A note on risk reduction under Markowitz' Portfolio Theory (A. Etebari, A. Tourani Rad).

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