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Research in Economic History Vol: 30

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10 Mar 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
200 pages - 152 x 229 x 15mm
Research in Economic History
Volume 30 contains articles on the economic history of Europe and the U.S. including "Democratization and Central Government Spending, 1870-1938: Emergence of the Leviathan?" by Jari Eloranta, Svetlozar Andreev and Pavel Osinsky; "Swedish Regional GDP 1855-2000," by Kerstin Enflo, Martin Henning and Lennart Schon; "Did the Fed Help to Form a More Perfect Monetary Union?" by John A. James and David F. Weiman; "The Anthropometric History of Native Americans, 1820-1890" by John Komlos and Leonard Carlson; and "The dispersion of customs tariffs in France between 1850 and 1913: discrimination in trade policy," by Becuwe Stephane and Blancheton Bertrand.
Swedish regional GDP 1855–2000: Estimations and general trends in the Swedish regional system. Democratization and central government spending, 1870–1938: Emergence of the leviathan?. Political economic limits to the fed’s goal of a common national bank money: The par clearing controversy revisited. The anthropometric history of Native Americans, C.1820–1890. The dispersion of customs tariffs in france between 1850 and 1913: Discrimination in trade policy. Copyright page. Research in economic history. EDITORS’ INTRODUCTION. List of Contributors. Research in economic history. Research in economic history.

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