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Research in Consumer Behavior Vol: 12

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06 Dec 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
310 pages - 156 x 234 x 30mm
Research in Consumer Behavior


This volume presents recent consumer research across both positivist and interpretivist methods, focusing on topics with considerable current interest. These topics include organic food consumption, luxury goods consumption by Chinese consumers, country of manufacture effects on product quality perceptions, and the nature and effects of cool consumption. The perspectives embraced include managerial strategies, motivational mechanisms, social influences, and product and brand evaluations. Approximately half of the papers in the present volume were selected from those accepted for the 5th Annual Consumer Culture Theory Conference held at the University of Wisconsin in June of 2010. Together this latter set of interpretive papers presenting cutting edge interpretive consumer research. They also add to the richness of the topics covered in the volume, including chapters emphasizing brands, fashions, blogs, service receipt, and consumption experiences. They also add to the methodological scope of the volume, including uses of ethnography, autoethnography, netnography, and discourse analysis. Altogether the volume is a good reflection of what is happening in the field of consumer research.
List of Contributors. Introduction. Consumer attitudes toward organic foods: An exploration of U.S. market segments. Shopping matters: Taiwanese young tourists’ consumer culture in England. Cue congruency and product involvement effects on generation y attitudes. Country-of-manufacture labeling effect on product quality evaluations: A model incorporating consumers’ attention. Socialization of adult and young consumers into materialism: The roles of media and church in Peru. Motivation for luxury consumption: Evidence from a metropolitan city in China. Consuming cool: Behind the unemotional mask. The strategic use of brand biographies. Authentic Brand Narratives: Co-Constructed Mediterraneaness for l’Occitane Brand. Consuming authentic neighborhood: An autoethnography of experiencing a neighborhood's new beginnings and origins within its servicescapes. Better understanding construction of the self in daily contingencies: an investigation of the materiality of consumption experiences in online discussion forums. “Pixelize me!”: Digital storytelling and the creation of archetypal myths through explicit and implicit self-brand association in fashion and luxury blogs. Research in Consumer Behavior. Research in Consumer Behavior. Copyright page.

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