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Research in Consumer Behavior Vol: 14

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20 Dec 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
375 pages - 156 x 234 x 33mm
Research in Consumer Behavior


This volume presents selected papers from the 7th Annual Consumer Culture Theory Conference held at Oxford University in August, 2012. The 18 papers in the volume together capture the latest research within this qualitative paradigm of consumer studies. Topics addressed cover a wide gamut including immigrant consumption experiences, gift-giving, sharing, transgressive gender roles, attachments to special possessions in online games and real life, the homeless consumer experience, disposition of possessions, privacy, metaphor analysis, sustainable consumption, alcohol consumption, cosmetics usage, and the negative consequences of sponsoring children in the less affluent world.
List of Contributors. Consumer Culture Theory: The Seven Year Itch. Broader, Closer, Sweeter: First CCT Presidential Address. Ideological Outcomes of Marketing Practices: A Critical Historical Analysis of Child Sponsorship Programs. Gifts and Gifting in Online Communities. When Online Recycling Enables Givers to Escape the Tensions of the Gift Economy. Traversing the Matriarch's Domain: How Young Men Negotiate the Feminized Space of Fashion Consumption and Self-Presentation. The Unspoken Truth: A Phenomenological Study of Changes in Women's Sense of Self and the Intimate Relationship with Cosmetics Consumption. Sharing the Meal: Food Consumption and Family Identity. ‘Your Life When You’ve Got Everything is Different’: Forced Transformations and Consumption Practices. Attachment to Digital Virtual Possessions in Videogames. “Doing Privacy”: Consumers Search for Sovereignty through Privacy Management Practices. A Closer Glance at the Notion of Boundaries in Acculturation Studies: Typologies, Intergenerational Divergences, and Consumer Agency. Cultural Reflexivity and the Nostalgia for Glocal Consumer Culture: Insights from a Multicultural Multiple Migration Context. Homecoming Tendencies: The Art of Preserving One's Existence in Places of Origin. Consumover Citizens and Sustainability Discourse: Practicing Consumer Agency through Moving with Commodities. Different Ways of Saying Goodbye: Outlining Three Types of Abandonment of a Product Category. Myth Busting: Living in Harmony with Nature is Less Harmonic than it Seems. Proximal and Contagious Indexicality: Unpacking the Meanings of Celebrity-Owned Objects. The Dirty Pint: Consumption Objects in Young People's Extreme Alcohol Consumption and Enactment of Self. World's Largest Metaphor Hits Iceberg: Travelling in Trope on Titanic. Research in Consumer Behavior. Research in Consumer Behavior. Research in Consumer Behavior. Copyright page.

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