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Research in Consumer Behavior Vol: 13

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28 Oct 2011
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
264 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
Research in Consumer Behavior


"Research in Consumer Behavior" presents cutting-edge consumer research, whether empirical or conceptual, qualitative or quantitative. The majority of papers in this volume have been selected from the best papers at the 2011 Consumer Culture Theory Conference held in Chicago Illinois in July, 2011. The Conference is the premier event for consumer culture research which tends to be qualitative, ethnographic, and cultural in orientation and draws a variety of scholars from around the world. Many of these scholars are housed in academic marketing department, but they also come from fields of anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, and communications as well as from industry. The papers selected for this volume are those judged to be the best among those selected for the conference from submissions to the conference peer review. This marks the third volume of "Research in Consumer Behavior" that has been able to publish the top "Consumer Culture Theory" papers.
List of Contributors. Introduction. Collaborative Value Co-Creation in Crowd-Sourced Online Communities – Acknowledging and Resolving Competing Commercial and Communal Orientations. If you can't Stand the Heat, get out of the Kitchen: Foodies Resist the Cultural Authority of the Market. Show me the Mascot: Corralling Critters for Pedagogic Purposes. A Typology of Consumption Communities. Food, Love and Meta-Practices: A Study of Everyday Dinner Consumption Among Single Mothers. We Dream as we Live – Consuming. Buying the Girlfriend Experience: An Exploration of the Consumption Experiences of Male Customers of Escorts. The Cultural Role of Stigmatized Youth Groups: The Case of the Partille Johnnys of Sweden. Love and Videogames: Negotiating Relationships with Cultural Ideals and Consumer Practices. Skating Dialectics and Flipping Genealogy. Staring: How Facebook Facilitates the Breaking of Social Norms. The Modern Woman Myth as a means of Cosmopolitan Cultural Capital Accumulation: A Gendered Acculturation Perspective. The Nouveaux Pauvres of Liquid Modernity. Realistically Fake: Self-Reflexive Consciousness, Ironic (Dis)Engagement with Hybrid Reality Television, and their Impact on Consumption. Research in Consumer Behavior. Research in Consumer Behavior. Research in Consumer Behavior. Copyright page.

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