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Research in Banking and Finance Vol: 1

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20 Dec 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
292 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Research in Banking and Finance


This volume contains a broad range of papers examining contemporary managerial and public policy issues in finance and banking. Special emphasis is given to financial institutions, instruments and markets. The volume includes papers examining prudential regulations and competition among banking institutions in different countries; the dynamics of stock returns along domestic and international dimensions; and the analysis of debt and equity issuance in the framework of the firm's financing decision. Other papers in the volume provide insight into such timely issues as the global integration of capital markets and the nature and impact of financial crisis at the household and economy-wide level.
Prudential regulations, restructuring and competition: the case of the Argentine banking industry (T. Burdisso, L. D'Amato). Time-varying conditional skewness and the market risk premium (C.R. Harvey, A. Siddique). Do banking crises permanently lower output? implications for growth theory (P. Evans). Banks forward loan commitments and the effect on real estate development activity (E. Kraizberg). Debt financing and myopia: cause or consequence? (G. Goswami, T.H. Noe and M.J. Rebello). The underpricing of initial public offerings: a general framework (T. Berglund). Capital market integration and exchange-rate regimes in historical perspective (J.R. Lothian). The impact of a dealer's failure on OTC derivatives market liquidity during volatile periods (L.D. Wall, E.W. Tallman and P.A. Abken). The evolution of cost and profit efficiency in the European banking industry (M. Dietsch, L. Weill). The dynamics of international stock index returns (H. Gulen, S. Mayhew). Demographic influences and personal bankruptcies (J.R. Mason). The price and volatility effects of stock option introductions: a reexamination (R. Kabir).

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