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Relational Practices, Participative Organizing Vol: 7

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27 Jul 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
320 pages - 165 x 240 x 23mm
Advanced Series in Management
This book focuses on the concept and role of relational practices as a way to understand and study processes of organizing. Relational practices are conceived as an ongoing, everyday process resulting in more participative ways of organizing. Participative organizing works from and with the multiplicity of interactions inherent in processes of becoming; it reflects upon and experiments with how the diversity of participants and interactions can provide the potential for defining and redefining organizational realities. A" Through reflective essays and empirical research examples, this book illustrates that relational practices of everyday organizational life are strongly entangled with emotional, embodied, and aesthetic processes. The combination of these corollaries of participative organizing -- as an everyday, complex accomplishment, poised between intervention and invention, and between an affective and aesthetic ecology of belonging and becoming -- provides a new perspective on how the practice of organizing and the organizing of practice can be accomplished and managed in the years to come.
List of Contributors. List of Tables. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1 Participative Organizing as Relational Practice. Chapter 2 “Relational Practices” for Generative Communal Organizing: Traveling Between Geel and Ecuador. Chapter 3 From Individualism to Post-heroic Practices in Organizational Research. Chapter 4 Relational Practice — “The Daily Things We Do”. Chapter 5 The Heart of Relational Organizing: Passion, Autonomy and Responsibility. Chapter 6 Apologies and Remorse in Organizations: Saying Sorry — and Meaning it?. Chapter 7 Integrating Multiple Voices: Working with Collusion in Multiparty Collaborations. Chapter 8 Developing Space for Diversity: An Appreciative Stance. Chapter 9 On the Moral of an Emerging Academic Praxis: Accounting for a Conference Experience. Chapter 10 Using Knowledge-as-Inquiry to Mobilize Change: A Retrospective Analysis of “Moments of Change” in a Relational Practice. Chapter 11 Processes of Technological Innovation in Context — and their Modulation. Chapter 12 Relational Practices of Change: Poised between Politics and Aesthetics. Chapter 13 Relational Practices and the Emergence of the Uniquely New. Chapter 14 Polyvocal Organizing: An Exploration. References. Advanced Series in Management. Relational practices, participative organizing. Copyright page. List of Figures.

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