Regional Integration in Latin America: Dynamics of the Pacific Alliance

Monica Blanco-Jiménez
Ciudad Universitaria, Mexico

Jesús Cruz Alvarez
Nuevo Leon State University, Mexico

Product Details
30 May 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
208 pages - 152 x 229mm
The Pacific Alliance treaty has created one of the most competitive and fastest growing economies in the world. In this multi-disciplinary study, authors Monica Blanco-Jiménez and Jesús Cruz Alvarez investigate top industries and the cultural, political and entrepreneurship practices that impact the economic and competitive development of its members. 
Divided into six parts, the contributors to this volume show the global strategies and synergies that are part of one of the world’s most competitive trade zones. Part I explores how this regional integration was build, while Part II presents comparative studies about competitiveness in the automotive industry and Part III offers two studies on Mexico’s exports. Part IV, V and VI focus on Peru, Colombia and Chile respectively, looking across social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility and social development. Containing the most recent research in international business and relations, this book will help researchers, students and entrepreneurs get to the roots of competitiveness and sustainable growth.
1. Pacific Alliance: Political, Economic, and Commercial Implications; Mónica Blanco-Jimenez, Georgina Parra Irineo, Nayra E. González González, and Arturo Tavison Salazar
2. Improving the Competitiveness of the Pacific Alliance Countries; Luis Enrique Ibarra-Morales, Mónica Blanco-Jiménez, and Juan Patricio Galindo Mora
3. Automative Industry: Competitive Strategy and Challenges in the Pacific Alliance (México, Chile, Colombia and Peru); Jesús Cruz Alvarez, Mónica Blanco-Jiménez and Sergio Guerra-Moya 
4. Financial and Economic Convergence in Pacific Alliance Countries; Rodríguez García Martha del Pilar, Cortez Alejandro Klender Aimer and Méndez Sáenz Alma Berenice 
5. Mexico’s Challenges in Commercial Integration with Pacific Alliance Countries; Oscar Elí Velarde Moreno, Moisés Alejandro Alarcón Osuna, Mónica Blanco-Jímenez
6. Leadership in Latin America: Mexican Companies; Adriana Segovia Romo, Joel Mendoza Gómez, Juan Rositas Martínez
7. Andean Organizational Culture and Citizenship Behavior in Peru; María Mayela Terán Cázares, Abel Partida Puente, María Eugenia García de la Peña, Maria Guadalupe Espinosa Dominguez
8. SME Internationalization in Latin America: Evidence from Mexico and Peru; Pedro Ariza-Ricaldi, Alfonso López-Lira, and Wilfredo Giraldo-Mejía 
9. The Role of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation in Colombia and its Implications in the Pacific Alliance; John Macías-Prada, Mario Vargas-Sáenz, Manuel Vázquez-Zacarías, and Alfonso López-Lira
10. Business Ecosystems and Social Innovation: Evidence from Colombia and Mexico; Manuel Vázquez-Zacarías, Alfonso López-Lira, Mario Vargas-Sáenz, and John Macías-Prada
11. Competitiveness in Chile’s SME through CSR and Sustainability Practices; Mario Vázquez Maguirre and Consuelo García de la Torre
12. Entrepreneurship as a Boost of Economic Growth in Mexico and Chile; Mario César Dávila Aguirre, Elías Alvarado Lagunas, Silvia Valeria Mejía Rodríguez, and Aldahir Caballero Campbell
Dr. Monica Blanco-Jiménez is a Research Professor in the School of Business at Nuevo León State University (UANL). She is currently PhD Coordinator for Administration, and is a full-time research professor currently working on projects related to International Business and Administration.  
Dr. Jesús Cruz Alvarez is a Research Professor in the School of Business at the Nuevo Leon State University. While he is currently undertaking research related to business competitiveness, he has previously held executive positions in various manufacturing environments.

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