Refugee Education: Integration and Acceptance of Refugees in Mainstream Society Vol: 11

Enakshi Sengupta
The American University of Kurdistan, Iraq

Patrick Blessinger
Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA

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10 Sep 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229mm
Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning
This volume examines how universities and colleges are working towards implementing various interventions to integrate refugees along with non-governmental organizations and local governments to achieve an optimal level of integration with host communities. The first part of the volume addresses the challenges of educating and integrating refugee populations, while the second part considers methods for establishing support systems. Using case studies and other empirical research, this volume presents a broad and in-depth overview of the various methods implemented to integrate the refugees into society. The international case studies reveal the complexity of the perception-practice dynamic and the multi-faceted factors that influence various levels of integration.

PART I: The Challenges 
Introduction to Refugee Education: Integration and Acceptance of Refugees in Mainstream Society; Enakshi Sengupta and Patrick Blessinger 
Managing Trauma: A Restorative Process; Frida Rundell, Alia Sheety and Vidia Negrea  
The Non-Formal Education Practices Tackle the Challenge of Refugee Children in Israel; Eliyahu-Levi Dolly and Ganz-Mieshar Michal 
Refugee Healthcare Professionals Education and Training – Reache North West as a Case Study; Duncan Cross 
Reconfiguring Public Life: Refugee Education as Joint Inquiry; Elenore Long and Tarnjeet Kaur Kang  
At the Borders of Italian Local Welfare. Unaccompanied Refugee Children in South Italy: Between Persistence and Changes in Politics and Policies; Emanuela Chiodo 
Teaching One Another: Connecting University Students to Promote Diversity; Heidi Adele Sackreiter 
PART II: Creating a Support System  
Support for the Transition of Refugees and Victims of Torture into the Labor Market through Access to Higher Education; Jaswant Kaur Bajwa, Sean Kidd, Sidonia Couto, Natasha Lidkea, Mulugeta Abai, Abby Jackman and Kwame McKenzie 
Socio-Cultural Factors That Support the Successful Transition of Refugees from Middle School to College; Sandy Bargainnier, Anneke McEvoy, Zarina Smith, Megan Brown, Najah Zaaeed and Jessica Maureen Harris  
Kakuma Refugee Camp: Where Knowledge and Hope Resides; Staci B. Martin, Daud I. Warsame, Christophe Bigirimana, Vestine U. Lajustine, Gerawork Teferra, Abdirahman S. Abdi and John O. Taban  
James Madison University Sowing the Seeds of C.A.R.E. (Creativity and Reading Education) within the Harrisonburg Refugee Community; Kara M. Kavanagh and Holly McCartney  
Supporting Children's Development in Refugee Camps; Janet Harvell and Alison Prowle 
School Leaders and Refugee Students; James P Hogue  
Using Art as a Vehicle of Hope and Understanding: Messages of Youth in the United States and Africa; Noël Bezette-Flores and Karine Parker  
The Role of Colleges and Universities in Providing Support to Students from Refugee Backgrounds in the United States; Vivienne Felix 
About the Authors
Enakshi Sengupta is Dean of the College of Business at the American University of Kurdistan, Iraq. She is a senior editor of the Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, and she serves as the vice chair of the Editorial Advisory Board for the Innovation in Higher Education Teaching and Learning series.
Patrick Blessinger is the founder, executive director, and chief research scientist of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL) and an adjunct associate professor in the School of Education at St. John's University, USA.​ ​Dr. Blessinger is ​the ​editor-in-chief of two international academic journals​ and​​ ​two international book series ​on higher education​.
Refugee Education is spot-on concerning

the absolute necessity of competent and caring education for refugees as THE

restorative path to a productive, meaningful life. This work is a must for

anyone who cares about solving our global refugee crisis. - Dr. Jeff Gardner, COO - The Thrive Foundation


21st century has no more compelling issues facing education than refugee

resettlement and managing migrant crises. Spanning child-centered and adult

education, contributors to this book  have thoughtfully covered topics of interest

to leaders and teachers who seek restorative, empathetic, and long-term

development of refugees to not only help them survive, but thrive in their new

paradigm. - Elisabeth E. Bennett, Associate Teaching Professor - Northeastern University, USA

A significant resource containing important case studies related to refugee and IDP adult education issues. Academics will find the work to be compelling in its research framework toward addressing refugee education needs, and practitioners will benefit from its identification of a refugee's future critical success factors. - Jeffrey Clark, Senior Advisor -

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