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Reform of the Unemployment Insurance System Vol: 1

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02 Aug 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
334 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Research in Employment Policy
"Research in Employment Policy".
Series introduction, Laurie J. Bassi, John A. Woodbury. Part 1 Benefit adequacy and coverage: unemployment insurance, consumption smoothing and private insurance - evidence from the PSID and CEX, Jonathan Gruber; unemployment insurance and household welfare - microeconomic evidence 1980-1983, Daniel S. Hamermesh, Daniel T. Slesnick; the adequacy of employment insurance benefits - a consumer theoretic approach, Christopher J. O'Leary; unemployment insurance in a federal system - a race to the bottom line? Laurie J. Bassi, Daniel P. McMurrer. Part 2 Incentives and disincentives: do employers take advantage of free-layoff loopholes in unemployment insurance? Paul L. Burgess, Stuart A. Low; the incentive effects of partial unemployment insurance rates, Brian P. McCall. Part 3 Financing and administration of unemployment insurance: the sensitivity of the costs of unemployment benefits to variations in key program parameters - evidence from G-7 nations, Pravin K. Trivedi; administrative funding of employment insurance as a principal-agent problem, Carl Davidson, Lawrence W. Martin; improving employer compliance with unemployment insurance tax reporting requirements, Paul L. Burgess et al; understanding denials and appeals in the unemployment insurance system, Amy B. Shasanov, Eileen Cubanski.

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