Race, Organizations, and the Organizing Process Vol: 60

Melissa E. Wooten
University of Massachusetts, USA

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20 May 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
216 pages - 152 x 229mm
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
There have been few efforts to conceive of race as a characteristic that organizations possess or at the very least a characteristic that exists at the institutional level with which organizations must contend. In the United States especially, this belies our history of marking organizations and organizational practices as "Black" or "White", essentially "racing" organizations. Despite the undoing of legally sanctioned racial segregation, we continue to use such demarcations to classify organizations as Black colleges or Black media companies. 

Sociology is ill equipped to explain this history and its modern day consequences in part because we lack bridges between those studying the problems of race and those studying the problems of organizing. Consequently, we cannot adequately speak to how race affects organizations, markets, or institutions.

This book brings together scholarship that interrogates the relationship between race and the organizing process for the founding of organizations, the organizational pursuit of human, financial, or political resources, organizational choices regarding strategic orientation and structural configurations, and the role of institutional logics that saturate organizations, industries, and markets with racialized ideologies.
Introduction: Race, Organizations, and the Organizing Process; Melissa Wooten 
Chapter 1. Race and Organization Theory: Reflections and Open Questions; Fabio Rojas
Chapter 2. Race and Higher Education: Fields, Organizations, and Expertise; Christi M. Smith 
Chapter 3. The Unbroken South: Political Parties and the Articulation of White Supremacy; Cedric de Leon 
Chapter 4. Fighting (For) Charter School Expansion: Racial Resources and Ideological Consistency; Kyla Walters
Chapter 5. Organizing Reentry: How Racial Colorblindness Structures the Post-Imprisonment Terrain; Lucius Couloute 
Chapter 6. Race, Knowledge, and Tasks: Racialized Occupational Trajectories; Melissa Abad 
Chapter 7. The Colorblind Organization; Victor Ray and Danielle Purifoy 
Chapter 8. Bureaucracy, Discrimination, and the Racialized Character of Organizational Life; Reginald A. Byron and Vincent J. Roscigno 
Chapter 9. Theorizing a Racialized Congressional Workplace; James Jones
Melissa E. Wooten is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA. Her research lies at the intersections of organizations, education, and race. She is the author of In the Face of Inequality: How Black Colleges Adapt.

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