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Race, Ethnicity and Law Vol: 22

Mathieu Deflem
University of South Carolina, USA

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01 Jun 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229mm
Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance
This new volume of Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance addresses issues of race and ethnicity within the law and law-related phenomena. Even in today's so-called multicultural, post-racial world racial and ethnic concerns prevail in many aspects of modern law. Contributors to this volume examine racial and ethnic disparities in sentencing and punishment; the continued problematic nature of the African American experience within the US system; the criminalization of immigrants; racial inequities in the administration of drug laws; and the racial disparities that affect juvenile justice. This volume will be of interest to students and researchers in law, socio-legal studies, criminology, criminal justice, sociology and public policy.
Introduction: The Laws Of Race, Ethnicity And Law; Mathieu Deflem
PART I: LAW AND BLACK LIVES: Wrongful convictions: the African American experience; Marvin D. Free, Jr.
Apartheid justice: gang injunctions and the new black codes; Xuan Santos and Christopher Bickel  
Understanding the historical influences on contemporary assessment and counseling issues of African American offenders; Sherrise Truesdale-Moore  
When did crime pay, and for whom? The metamorphosis of an academic’s odyssey; James Burnett, Alvin Killough and Eryn Killough
Forty acres and a lawsuit: legal claims for reparations; Kaimipono David Wenger 
PART II: DISPARITIES IN SENTENCING AND PUNISHMENT: Theoretical perspectives and empirical assessments of race/ethnicity disparities in federal sentencing; Celesta A. Albonetti
Examining sentencing disparity in Virginia: the impact of race and sex on mitigating departures for drug offenders; Lori Elis
The new Jane Crow: mass incarceration and the denied maternity of black women; Chenelle A. Jones and Renita L. Seabrook 
Hooked on punishment: symbolic violence and the drug war inside us prisons; Meggan J. Lee and Nick Rochin 
Prisons, race making, and the changing American racial milieu; Gennifer Furst  
PART III: SYSTEMS AND MECHANISMS OF INEQUALITY: Racialized culpability: victim blaming and state violence; Nicholas J. Chagnon 
Latinos and the crimmigration system; Amada Armenta and Irene I. Vega 
Justice, social control, and social inequality: framing the U.S. juvenile justice system's racial & ethnic disparities; Brian J. Smith
Drugs and racial constructions; Jeanette Covington 
The intersection of race/ethnicity and gender and the treatment of probation violators in juvenile justice proceedings; Michael J. Leiber and Maude Beaudry-Cyr
Mathieu Deflem is Professor of Sociology at University of South Carolina, USA.

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