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Public Spaces: Times of Crisis and Change Vol: 15

Joao Teixeira Lopes
University of Porto, Portugal

Ray Hutchison
University of Wisconsin Green Bay, USA

Ray Hutchison
University of Wisconsin Green Bay, USA

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17 Nov 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
440 pages - 152 x 229 x 20mm
Research in Urban Sociology
This volume is about the plurality and complexity of modern urban public spaces. The authors move far beyond the nostalgia of traditional streets, squares and gardens to mobilize contemporary sociological knowledge based on the mediated relations between spatial morphology and everyday life in cities across several continents. 
Contributions analyse diverse social realities and social interventions within the context of urban public spaces, linking to the broader discussion of urban public policies in European cities and beyond. Sometimes these interventions lead to exclusionary processes; other times they are the object of conflicts and resistances. 
When we speak about the (re)constructions, the uses and counter-uses of urban public spaces, we are always in the core of the political (city: polis) domain as those places are not fixed and do not have unique representations or immutable configurations – they are networks of relationships and social practices with antagonistic views and flexible uses.
PART I: INTRODUCTION Urban Space And Public Places - Ray Hutchison and João Teixeira Lopes PART II: URBAN IMAGES, URBANISM, AND PUBLIC SPACES Public Spaces: Interactions, Appropriations, And Conflicts - Luciana Teixeira de Andrade and Luís Vicente Baptista Is the city unnecessary? New life spaces of young city inhabitants - Marta Smagacz-Poziemska Sidewalk Encounters: Card Playing And Neighborhood Use In A Lisbon Suburb - João Pedro Nunes Sala Borsa: Plural Presences And Innovative Public Spaces - Luca Daconto and Gabriele Manella Transformation Of Public Space In Zagreb Since 2000 - Jelena Zlatar GamberoÏzic´ and And elina SvircÏic´ Gotovac PART III: CULTURE, ARTS, AND PUBLIC SPACES Artists' Studios In Urban Areas: A Comparative Study Between Paris And London - Dominique Billier Typifying The Thematic Cities: Study Of The Events Organized In Public Spaces In The Cities Of Oporto, Vila Nova De Gaia And Barcelona - Fernando Manuel Rocha da Cruz Shaping A Territory: Case Study The Moorish Quarter In Lisbon (Mouraria) - Madalena Corte-Real The Spatial Analysis Of Gezi Movement In Turkey - ÇaÆgri Eryilmaz Contested Cityscapes: Politics Of Vertical Construction In Paris And Vienna - Andrea Glauser Heritage, Place, And Neighborhood: Itineraries As Public Space Contention In Ring-Road Districts Of Madrid - Pedro Limón López and Sergio Claudio González García PART IV: THE (RE) STRUCTURATION OF PUBLIC SPACES Researching Social Stratification In Large Urban Zones Today - Juan José Villalón Ogáyar Rethinking Public Spaces In Waterfront Areas: Notes From Lisbon - Patrícia Pereira The Earthquake And The Shanty: Post- Disaster Social Order In A Sicilian Town (1908 2013) - Domenica Farinella and Pietro Saitta From Exclusion To Participation: Social Mediation In Public Housing - Micol Bronzini and Carla Moretti Sociological Intervention As A Reaction To The Crisis Of The City: Public Consultation In Warsaw - PrzemysÆaw Sadura and Dorota Olko
João Teixeira Lopes, Department of Sociology, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal Ray Hutchison, Public and Environmental Affairs, University of Wisconsin- Green Bay, Green Bay, USA

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