Project Management in the Library Workplace Vol: 38

Alice Daugherty
Louisiana State University, USA

Samantha Schmehl Hines
Peninsula College Library, USA

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11 May 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
368 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Library Administration and Organization
An important component of library administration and organization in the modern age is managing projects. Once the realm of technology and business gurus, formal project management tools, techniques and schemas have become more commonplace in libraries. Using formal project management components can help libraries achieve their desired outcomes with less stress for employees. However, there can be an entry barrier to project management, since the concepts are still somewhat out of the range of the usual library administration experience. This volume of Advances in Library Administration and Organization attempts to put project management into the toolboxes of library administrators through overviews of concepts, analyses of experiences, and forecasts for the use of project management within the profession.
Chapter 1. Using Pre-Project Planning to Manage Workload; Twila Camp, Barbara Laufersweiler, Sarah Robbins 
Chapter 2. Fostering a culture of project management practices – a maturity model for libraries; Erla P. Heyns and Sasja Huijts 
Chapter 3. Common Roots, Different Systems: Project Management and Librarianship; Samantha Hines 
Chapter 4. The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men Often Go Awry: The Disadvantages of Project Management; Joy M. Perrin 
Chapter 5. Sprinting towards Faculty Engagement: Adopting Project Management Approaches to Build Library-Faculty Relationships; Pamella R. Lach and Brian Rosenblum 
Chapter 6. Shadow Project Management: Using the Project Management Body of Knowledge to Informally Manage Library Projects; Steven Ovadia 
Chapter 7. Academic Library Implementation of Project Management Standards; Kirsten Clark and Kate McCready  
Chapter 8. Integration of Project Management Techniques in Digital Projects; Kate Dohe and Robin Pike 
Chapter 9. Combining Project Management and Change Management for Project Success in Libraries; Melissa Fraser-Arnott 
Chapter 10. From Collection Silos to Digital Content Hubs: Digital Project Management in Special Collections and University Archives; Angela Fritz 
Chapter 11. The Value of Full-Time Project Management Positions: PMO Nuts and Bolts at Hesburgh Libraries; Anastasia Guimaraes, Laurie McGowan, Miranda VanNevel, Zheng Wang 
Chapter 12. Borrowed From Business: Using Corporate Strategies to Manage Library Projects; Sara Holder 
Chapter 13. Using a ‘Project Management Mindset’ as an Administrative Approach to Creating Workplace Efficiencies & Building Employee Leadership Skills; Kris Johnson
Chapter 14. Accidental Project Management in a New Library Storage Facility; Timothy Hackman, Margaret Loebe 
Chapter 15. Effective Project Management Techniques to Prepare Information Professionals for the Future Workforce; Rajesh Singh and Lindsay Jankovitz 
Chapter 16. Projects, Programmes, Strategy and Leadership in the Research Library; J. Stephen Town 
Chapter 17. Increasing Effectiveness of Library Projects Through ScrumMaster Certification; Mike Waugh
Alice L. Daugherty is Associate Professor and Coordinator of Acquisitions and Electronic Resources, at The University of Alabama Libraries. She writes and presents widely on issues of library services and collections. She earned her MLIS from Wayne state University in 2003. 
Samantha Hines got her MS in library and information science from University of Illinois in 2003 and has worked in a variety of libraries. She's currently the Associate Dean of Instructional Resources at Peninsula College in Port Angeles WA, but previously worked in various roles at the University of Montana for 12 years. She is a prolific scholar and frequent conference presenter on issues of library services, copyright and publishing, and middle management.

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