Project Management: A Multi-Perspective Leadership Framework

Hans Mikkelsen
Aalborg University, Denmark

Jens O. Riis
Aalborg University, Denmark

Product Details
23 Oct 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
848 pages - 152 x 229mm


Modern projects are confronted with complexity and ambiguity. To provide a holistic framework, this book presents five core elements of a project: project management, project task, stakeholders, resources, and project environment. This model is used to identify the nature of a specific project and to develop appropriate project solutions for business success. It also allows a circular planning process that gradually leads to coherence among these five elements.
To better cope with the complexity of the project environment, the authors adopt a multi-perspective framework that considers technical, business, organisational, and stakeholder perspectives. This framework recommends that change management is viewed as an integral part of a project.
This book is organized in two, almost equal parts: a theoretical part that covers the key models and issues related to project management, and a set of appendices, which include a number of tool sheets aimed at providing practical methods, techniques and checklists. By integrating the theoretical and the practical, the authors extend and rethink recent developments in agile and lean approaches to project management.
Forming and Defining the Project
Planning the Course of Action
Cooperation in the Project Organization
Project Leadership
Project Control
Management of Several Projects
Trends and Challenges for Future Projects

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