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Professional Service Firms Vol: 24

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19 Apr 2006
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
448 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
This volume includes studies of organizations that deliver professional services, including accounting, law, and management consulting firms. These organizations are of importance for several reasons: they underpin the modern economy, enabling economic exchange; they constitute the 'intellect industry', developing and disseminating new ideas; and, they are exemplars of knowledge-intensive organizations. Contributors include researchers from North America and Europe. This book series is available electronically online.
Introduction (R. Greenwood and R. Suddaby). Markets, Institutions, and the Crisis of Professional Practice (K. Leicht and E. Lyman). The Strategic Positioning of Professional Service Firm Startups: Balance Beguiles but Purism Pays (J. Jennings, D. Jennings and R. Greenwood). Are Consultants Moving Toward Professionalization?(C. Grobeta and A. Kieser). Leading Change in the New Professional Service Firm: Characterizing Strategic Leadership in a Global Context (E. Fenton and A. Pettigrew). Partnership Versus Corporation: Implications of Alternative Forms of Governance in Professional Service Firms (L. Empson and C. Chapman). Variation in Organizational Form Among Professional Service Organizations (N. Malhotra, T. Morris and B. Hinings). Professional Service Firms as Collectivities: A Cultural and Processual View (M. Alvesson and D. Karreman). Professionals, Networking and the Networked Professional (F. Anderson-Gough, C. Grey and K. Robson). Professional Ethics in Formal Organizations (H. Gunz and S. Gunz). Can Women in Law Have it All? A Study of Motherhood, Career Satisfaction and Life Balance (J. Wallace). Computer-Mediated Knowledge Systems in Consultancy Firms: Do They Work? (M. Reihlen and T. Ringberg). Marketing Marketing: The Professional Project as a Micro-Discursive Accomplishment (P. Svensson). Social Structure, Employee Mobility, and the Circulation of Client Ties (J. Broschak and K. Neihans). The Internationalization of Professional Service Firms: Global Convergence, National Path-Dependency or Cross-Border Hybridization? (Glenn Morgan and Sigrid Quack)

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