Principles and Fundamentals of Islamic Management

Seyed Mohammad Moghimi
University of Tehran, Iran

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30 Nov 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229mm
The traditional approach to business and public management assumes that management decisions and outcomes will remain the same, irrespective of the environment in which they are applied. However, the value systems operating within a society can also influence the principles that govern modern management within organizations.

Principles and Fundamentals of Islamic Management examines the concept of business and public management from the viewpoint of Islam, with close reference to the Quran and other illuminating Islamic sources. Seyed Mohammad Moghimi provides key insights from an Islamic perspective across a comprehensive range of management topics, including planning, decision making and policy making, organizing, human resources management, directing and organizational control. The book concludes by analyzing the role of a company director within an Islamic context. Through this in-depth exploration of Islamic management principles and fundamentals, the author creates a modern and practical framework suitable for use by international business managers. 

Providing a much-needed insight into the practicalities of management operations in an Islamic context, this book is essential reading for researchers, managers, and for students of Islamic management at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
Part 1: Introduction of Islamic Management
Chapter 1: The Concept of Organization and Management from an Islamic Point of View
Chapter 2: The Process of Formation and Approaches of Islamic Management
Part 2: Management Functions in Islamic Management
Chapter 3: Principles of Planning in Islamic Management
Chapter 4:  Decision Making and Policy Making in Islamic Management
Chapter 5: Principles of Organizing in Islamic Management
Chapter 6: Human Resources Management in Islamic Management
Chapter 7: Directing in Islamic Management
Chapter 8: Organizational Control in Islamic Management
Seyed Mohammad Moghimi is Professor of Management at the University of Tehran, Iran. His previous publications include Entrepreneurship Theories (2017), Public Budgeting (2016), and Fundamentals of Organization and Management (2015).

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