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Pricing Behaviour and Non-Price Characteristics in the Airline Industry Vol: 3

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03 Jan 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
428 pages - 156 x 234 x 30mm
Advances in Airline Economics


Stepped-up competition in the airline industry over the past 40 years profoundly changed how carriers set fares. Chapters in this volume contribute to our understanding of fare determination in this industry by examining carrier pricing behavior, such as non-linear pricing, pricing decisions associated with strategic alliances, competition from low cost carriers, and the challenges faced by carriers experiencing financial distress. These contributions present nuanced analyses of fare determination that include new ways of examining whether the prices charged by carriers are consumer welfare-enhancing. Examination of airline carrier pricing only tells part of the story of firm behavior, as analysis of carriers' ability to provide quality services is also significant in understanding the economics of this industry. This volume includes chapters examining non-price characteristics of business operations, such as frequency of service, passenger safety, availability of aircraft types for different transportation services, and the geographic distribution of air transportation-related noise by aircraft departures and arrivals at airports.
List of Contributors. Chapter 1 Pricing Behavior and Non-Price Characteristics of the Airline Industry: Introduction and Overview. Chapter 2 Examining the Effect of Low-Cost Carriers on Nonlinear Pricing Strategies of Legacy Airlines. Chapter 3 The New Pricing in North American Air Travel Markets: Implications for Competition and Antitrust. Chapter 4 A Guide to Booking Airline Tickets Online. Chapter 5 Distribution of Airline Tickets: A Tale of Two Market Structures. Chapter 6 On Airline Pricing Behavior During Financial Turnarounds. Chapter 7 Determinants of Successful Code-Sharing: A Case Study of Continental and America West Airlines Alliances – A Discrete Longitudinal Analysis. Chapter 8 Baggage Fees and Changes in Airline Ticket Prices. Chapter 9 Fragmentation of North Atlantic and Transpacific Air Transport Markets – Wither the Hubs?. Chapter 10 Are Airports Two-Sided Platforms?: A Methodological Approach. Chapter 11 The Size and Growth of Airports. Chapter 12 Where does Airport Noise Fall? Evidence from Atlanta. Chapter 13 Competition on the Basis of Safety?. Pricing Behavior and Non-Price Characteristics in the Airline Industry. Advances in Airline Economics. Advances in Airline Economics. Copyright page.

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