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Positive Design and Appreciative Construction: From Sustainable Development to Sustainable Value Vol: 3

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08 Oct 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
345 pages - 152 x 229 x 33mm
Advances in Appreciative Inquiry


This volume is focused on sustainable value which has become a widespread aspiration in all walks of life. By taking a generative approach and by building on positive design principles inherent in the appreciative inquiry methodology, it proposes moving from sustainable development to sustainable value. Chapters focus on three thematic areas for sustainable value: positive design, appreciative intelligence and social innovation, and social entrepreneurship. Contributions respond to questions such as: How can the design approach help enhance the sustainable value over profit value? And what needs to happen to create a vibrant community of practice among design practitioners, scientists, business and political leaders? Case studies show that by reframing global problems with an appreciative lens, organizations of all sorts can indeed create social innovation and even establish a business case for sustainable value. It provides lessons learned from high impact social entrepreneurship and conceptualizes how this nascent movement with unbridled potential may contribute to the radical shift necessary for moving from sustainable development to sustainable value.
Introduction To Positive Design And Appreciative Construction: From Sustainable Development To Sustainable Value; Thatchenkery, Avital and Cooperrider - PART ONE: ORGANIZATIONAL AND STRATEGIC PERSPECTIVES - Ch.1 Creating Sustainable Value: A Strength-Based Whole System Approach; Laszlo and Cooperrider - Ch.2 Designing A Positive Image: Corporate Branding And Social Responsibility; Hatch and Mirvis - Ch.3 Bridging Design And Management For Sustainability: Epistemological Problems And Possibilities; Johansson and Woodilla - Ch.4 A Whole New Value: Driving Innovation, Sustainability And Prosperity Through Appreciative Inquiry; Zhexembayeva - PART TWO: POSITIVE DESIGN PERSPECTIVES - Ch. 5 The Road To Sustainable Value: The Path-Dependent Construction Of Sustainable Innovation As Sociomaterial Practices In The Car Industry; Van Osch and Avital - Ch.6 Stewardship Design Principles: Learning From Living Systems (BIRDS) To Codesign Fast-Forward Futures; Smith - Ch.7 Forms Of Government And Systemic Sustainability: A Positive Design Approach To The Design Of Information Systems; K. Kendall and J. Kendall - Ch.8 The Generative Potential Of Participatory Geographic Information Systems; Hovorka and Auerbach - PART THREE: APPRECIATIVE INTELLIGENCE PERSPECTIVES - Ch.9 The Art Museum As Laboratory For Re-Imagining A Sustainable Future; McNichol - Ch.10 Two Inquiry-Based Approaches To Sustainable Value: Positive Design And Integrative Thinking; Dunne - Ch.11 Sustainability And Organizational Change: Employees' Perspective on the Case Of Streamline Manufacturing; Bradbury-Huang - Ch.12 Appreciative Intelligence In Action - A Case Study Of Sustainable Value Creation By Irupana Organic Food Of Bolivia; Metzger, Martinez and Lopez - PART FOUR: SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP PERSPECTIVES - Ch.13 Social Entrepreneurship - A Model For Sustainable Value Creation; Pirson - Ch.14 Sustainability And Impact Of Microfinance Institutions: A Case Study Of ACCION San Diego; Doshi - Ch.15 Positive Design And Construction Of Mechanisms For The Sustainable Development Of Micro-Enterprises In Africa; Dalglish and Matthews - Ch.16 Creating Macro Actors For Sustainable Development; Warzynski and Krupenikava

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