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Popular Culture, Crime and Social Control Vol: 14

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21 Apr 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
304 pages - 156 x 234 x 28mm
Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance


This volume contains contributions on the theme of popular culture, crime, and social control. The chapters in this volume tease out various criminologically relevant issues, pertaining to crime/deviance and/or the control thereof, on the basis of an analysis of various aspects and manifestations of popular culture, including music, movies, television, paintings, sculptures, photographs, cartoons, and the internet-based audio-visual materials that are presently available. Thematically diverse within the province of criminology, the chapters in this book are not restricted in terms of theoretical approach and methodological orientation. Using a variety of methodological and theoretical perspectives, the volume is diverse in addressing dimensions of popular culture in relation to important criminological questions.
List of Contributors. Introduction: The criminology of popular culture. Reefer Madness and beyond. The Dark Knight: Constructing Images of Good vs. Evil in an Age of Anxiety. Superhero justice: The depiction of crime and justice in modern-age comic books and graphic novels. Televised images of jail: Lessons in controlling the unruly. “I broke the law? No, the law broke me!” Palestinian hip-hop and the semiotics of occupation. Rap music's violent and misogynistic effects: Fact or fiction?. Crime, resistance and song: Black musicianship's black criminology. The different sounds of American protest: From freedom songs to punk rock. Evil monsters and cunning perverts: Representing and regulating the dangerous paedophile. Framing the scene: presentations of forensics programming in the news. Beach crime in popular culture: Confining the carnivalesque in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. Here be dragons: Lombroso, the gothic, and social control. Index. Sociology of crime, law and deviance. Popular Culture, Crime and Social Control. Copyright page.

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