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Political Sociology for the 21st Century Vol: 12

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06 Jun 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
360 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Research in Political Sociology


Several substantive areas within political sociology are examined in this volume of the series that explores the state of political sociology at the beginning of the 21st century. The collection offers works that show significant advances in the study of the social roots of all things 'political' in society. As in prior volumes, this collection demonstrates the richness of both theoretical and methodological studies in political sociology. The authors brought together in this volume teach students of political sociology the continued significance of questions related to public policy, public opinion, civil society, voting and social movements. The readings offer important summaries of prior work in the field, and in some cases construct an important synthesis of current research. These will help us better prepare a broader research agenda in the study of social movements, public policy, racism, and the civil sphere.The volume also presents important questions about methodological issues. The collection includes examples of current discussion related to the qualitative study of protest movements, and the importance of a comparative-historical approach. The chapters also show how the tools of the field are currently expanding our understanding of important areas of political sociology, such as public policy response to business behavior and the politics of crime. In many ways, this volume offers an assessment of the many conceptual and research debates that characterize political sociology at century's beginning. The results of these collective assessments, regardless of theoretical orientation, offer proof that political sociology is alive and well.
Part 1 Public opinion and civil society: toward a political sociology of civil society, R.N. Jacobs; public opinion research and political sociology, D.L. Weakliem; domain structure, opportunity, and the contentious politics of crime, H.H. Haines; "It wasn't me!": how will race and racism work in 21st century America?, E. Bonilla-Silva et al. Part 2 Electoral politics: voting behavior and political sociology: theories, debates, and future directions, C. Brooks et al; class and nonvoting in comparative perspective - possible causes and consequences in the United States, H.R. Kerbo, J.J. Gonzalez; practicing progressive politics in a conservative state: reflections of a North Carolina legislator, P. Luebke. Part 3 Social movements: emerging trends in the study of protest and social movements, P.E. Oliver et al; qualitative research on social movements - exploring the role of qualitative designs in examining contentious political action, T.B. Gongaware, R.D. Benford. Part 4 Historical comparative analysis of the state: theory, history and comparative political sociology - assessing recent analyses of the making, unmaking, and remaking of states, S. Pfaff, E. Kiser; historical contingency theory, policy paradigm shifts, and corporate malfeasance at the turn of the 21st century, H. Prechel.

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