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Political Power and Social Theory Vol: 19

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07 Sep 2008
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
200 pages - 152 x 229 x 30mm
Political Power and Social Theory


"Political Power and Social Theory" continues its longstanding run as a premier volume of comparative and historical social science. The volume focuses on a variety of questions relating to states, citizenship, and power, common themes examined with divergent analytical entry points and through deep knowledge of country cases as diverse as Russia, the United States, El Salvador, South Africa, and Israel. Whether examined with a focus on revolutions and political parties, or cities and their physical and social transformation, or through development of the concept of the 'familial state', which marries a preoccupation with lineage and micro-cultures to that of national-state institutions, these articles expand our theoretical and methodological imagination of how citizens become included or excluded in local and national structures of power.
PART I: STATES AND CITIZENSHIPWar, State Collapse, Redistribution: Russian Revolution RevisitedPavel Osinsky A"No Bourgeois Mass Party, No Liberal Capitalist Democracy:A" The Missing Link In Barrington Moore's American Civil WarCedric de Leon Pierre Bourdieu Meets T. H. Marshall: Citizens and Paupers in the Development of the U.S. Welfare StateChad GoldbergPART II: CITIES, CITIZENS, AND POWERIntertwining National and Urban Policies: National Development Policies and Municipal Strategies in Greater Buenos AiresNora Libertun de DurenThe Empire's New Walls: Revanchism and Enclosure in Johannesburg and JerusalemAndy Clarno The Internet and the City: Blogging and Gentrification on New York's Lower East SideLara BelkindPART III: SCHOLARLY CONTROVERSY: THE FAMILIAL STATEA Memo on the Familial States of the Netherlands, France and England, 1500-1800Julia AdamsPatrimonial States in Early Modern Europe and in the Contemporary Era: Similarities?Mounira M. CharradPatrimonial Rise and Decline: The Strange Case of the Familial StateIvan ErmakoffElaborating the Microfoundations of the Familial State: Uniting Evolutionary Biology and Historical Sociology Edgar KiserReaction to the Familial State Pavla MillerPolitics, Patriarchy and Frontiers of Historical Sociological ExplanationJulia Adams

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