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Political Power and Social Theory Vol: 12

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16 Oct 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
284 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Political Power and Social Theory


The 12th volume in a series of analyses of political power and social theory. It is divided into three parts, which discuss: globalization; labour and the state; and scholarly controversy - civil society and ethnicity.
Editor's introduction (D.E. Davis). Globalization. The transnational capitalist class and global capitalism: the case of the tobacco industry (L. Sklair). The rise of transnational social formations: Mexican and Dominican state responses to transnational migration (L.E. Guarnizo). Labor and the State. The paradoxes of power: the unintended consequences of military rule for Chilean working-class mobilization (J. Stillerman). The discourse of technical competence: strategies of authority and power in industrializing Brazil (B. Weinstein). Drowning in laws but starving (for justice?): Brazilian labor law and the workers' quest to realize the imaginary (J.D. French). Scholarly Controversy: Civil Society and Ethnicity. The politics of civil society and ethnicity: reflections on an African dilemma (M. Mamdani). Comparative reflections on the African dilemma: the interdependent democratization of states and civil societies (J.A. Fox). Post-colonial politics and power (G.W. Seidman). Civil society and the forms of governmental power: extensions to Mamdani's arguments (P. Chatterjee). A rejoinder (M. Mamdani).

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